How do I place an order?

Browse the site and pick out a frame- or better yet, several frames. Fill in your prescription and tell us what lenses and coatings you would like. We’ll take care of the rest!
We have a full tutorialon how to shop at EFE as well!

What is included in the price of the glasses?

Oh no! I need to change something about my order. What should I do?

What do I need to order?

How long do I have to wait for my glasses after I have ordered them?

Your order will be delivered within 7 - 14 business days. Your glasses will usually reach you faster, but may take the full 14 business days depending on the complexity of your prescription and the package you selected.You can Track Order here!

Where can I get my prescription?

How long do I have to wait for my glasses after I have ordered them?

How are your payments secured?

What is included in the price of the glasses?

How can I obtain a sales invoice?

How To Measure Your Frame Size?

How Do I Measure for My Eyeglasses?

The easiest way to find the ideal eyeglass measurements for your face is to start with a pair of eyeglass frames that already fit you well. These can be a pair you own, or glasses you have tried on in a store.
eyeglass measurements are printed on most frames, so if you’ve found a pair you love, check the inside of the frame and write down the numbers you find there. If your frame doesn’t include measurements, you can measure the frame using a ruler or soft tape measure. Frame measurements are in millimeters, so make sure your measuring tool has millimeter increments.
The measurements you’ll need to record are:
1、Frame Width: Measure the horizontal width of the front of the glasses frame from widest point to widest point (usually across the brow).
2、Lens Height: Measure the vertical height of the lens from top to bottom at its highest point (usually in the middle of the lens).
3、Bridge: The bridge is the part of the frame that goes across your nose. Measure from each edge of the bridge piece where it connects to the left and right portions of the rims.
4、Temple Arms: Measure from where the temple arms end behind your ear to where they touch the front of the frame (near the hinges if your glasses have them). Depending on the temple design, you may need to measure from the hinge to the point where the temple begins to curve behind the ear, and then from that point to the temple tip, and then add the two to obtain the correct total measurement.
5、Lens Width: Measure the horizontal diameter of the lens at its widest part (usually across the middle).

What Eyeglasses Are in Style Now?

How Should Eyeglasses Fit?

How Do I Clean My Eyeglasses?

How Do I Keep My Eyeglasses From Slipping?

What happens if PD is wrong on glasses?

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