How to choose the frames for my face shape?
Everyone's face shape is different, so what kind of reading glasses are suitable for our face shape? Next, EFE will introduce you what kind of reading glasses are suitable for your face shape.
Netherlands EFE Eyewear in SILMO Glasses Exhibition
Netherlands EFE Eyewear in SILMO glasses exhibition 2017 autumn / winter - 2018 spring / summer glasses 3 themes
How do I determine what reading glasses power I need?
When I am choosing reading glasses, how do I determine what power reading glasses I use. This article will match you with more suitable reading glasses.
Reading Glasses Lens Types
In this post EFE will help explain the difference between the various types of reading glasses lens types so you can shop with confidence.
How to clean lenses?
EFE teaches you to clean lenses more conveniently! To help you on your cleaning journey, EFE OPTICAL has put together some helpful ways of cleaning your glasses.
3 Things You Must Know When Choosing Reading Glasses
When you choose reading glasses, are you confused and don't know how to choose? 3 things you must know when choosing reading glasses from EFE.
Holland EFE Eyewear nice met the world's top glasses brand in Paris France
In 2017, the Holland EFE glasses brand, as one of the famous European glasses brands, made a stunning appearance at the SILMO glasses exhibition in Paris.
European EFE International Eyewear Brand Debuts at Hong Kong Optical Fair, 2017
European EFE international eyewear brand, successfully unveiled at the Hong Kong Optical Fair in 2017
Love to You, charity accompanied - Shanghai EFE EYEWEAR Co.Ltd.
On January 20, 2018, employees of Shanghai EEF Eyeware Co., Ltd. brought their families to the Nursing Home in Fangsong Street, Songjiang District, Shanghai, and carried out a charity donation activity with the theme of "Love to Love".
Netherlands EFE brand swept across four major international eyewear exhibition, internationalization Strategy
From 2017 to 2018, EFE glasses appeared in the four major international optical glasses and design industry expositions, and won numerous praises in the industry.